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Open a child restraint

Laura, 22: I am a young sister. In the city I live in, I can not expect to work in kindergarten for the time being because all the young people working there are retiring for a long time. I have to live with it. What can I do?
Answer: I've seen two versions of the next idea. Someone may be right for you. Anyway, if you're so hopeless in the city you're living in, you might be better off moving somewhere where you have more options. Those who were waiting for a good opportunity but did not do anything was usually very poor. Do not take this path.
I recommend opening a child restraint. As I said, I saw two versions of this activity, and I even saw that men did it and did it very well.
The first option is that if you live in a city or city where many people live, people's earnings are average or you can open a day-care center in your own home. You need to create a larger room. Unpack excess furniture, stretch a lot of carpets, soft sponge, get a lot of toys and get started. Do not go to kindergarten, because your local competition may be strong and the regulations are tight enough. Simply take childcare. The one I saw was about $ 1 per hour to guard the children if the parents had an important job. At night, he celebrated a celebration day for a higher prize, while discussing the conditions of several days of preservation with his devotees separately. Those who had suddenly had to leave for medical reasons or for funeral were those who went on a business trip to renovate the house at home or organize big savings and have wanted to have a safe place for those few days. But it was he who had accepted the baby for the house party's garden party. For a longer stay, of course, the meal had a separate charge.
He was dealing with 4-6 children at one time. The children have always been trying to teach alima useful. Something that caught them, and the parents were surprised and very happy when they saw what the child had learned during retention. Mostly they engaged in music, song and dance, but they had to draw, write, taught them. Usually she adopted children of 3-6 years old who had purity-of-the-ordinary habits and kids liked the companionship of other children.
The other solution was seen by an enthusiastic overseer. She recognized what kind of housewife was a child in shopping. Especially when the mom is alone with the kid. He squinted at one of the great stores that, if they allowed him a free space for free, he would take care of the children of the moms who came to shopping to entertain and supervise. The halls were set up for games that could be bought in the store, and they told the kids and the parents. There was a case where the child took the purchased game directly from the custody site.
She took $ 10 for keeping the kids. And that money is entirely his marathon. In the beginning, most moms found the money a lot, but when they tried it out for a big shopping and saw the kids stay alive with the other kids in the game, there was no problem that the keepers would work with a full house at all times.
The key to implementing this idea is organizing and marketing. If you would like to receive free information about this, write to my address: In the Subject box, type "child restraint".