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Anywhere in the world in any language: Blue Card

Not just in the US

Bijali, 25? I read about Blue Card. It would be important for me to use it. But I do not know if it can be used elsewhere, or just in the US.
Niu, 31: I want to ask someone something, but my family and her family do not know. I do not want to tell the question to my colleagues or friends in the company. It would be nice if I could ask that man not to cover myself. I'm afraid what if I do not have a good answer, she tells others what I asked him. She's worried she does not speak English. Can I ask Chinese?
Answer: I would like to begin by saying that the Blue Card is a system that allows a woman to ask anything from a man without revealing who she is, the questioner. If she does so, she does not even know who she was after answering. It's an extraordinary system that's easy to use.
You can use the system anywhere. Wherever you live in the world, the Blue Card can be yours.
The Blue Card system can be used in any language of the world. You decide which language you want to use.
If you need more information about Blue Card, write to my address: In the Subject box, enter "free information about Blue Card".