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Only two products can be purchased

As of December 1st, only two products can be purchased and organized by a club membership. The previously announced hand massage, foot massage, bald-head scalp massage and eye-catching training materials for the preservation and improvement of vision can not be ordered. Orders that have been received or received so far will be completed in December.
The "Personal Slimming Program" will be available, but this will cost $ 50 from December 1st.
You can also order the Personal Shaping Program, which also costs $ 50 from December 1st.
From December 1 I only deal with the Blue Card club. The club's annual membership fee is still 120 USD per year, or 10 USD per month.
Thank you in advance for your heart's understanding.
I do not have the opportunity to send free materials.
If you have any questions about this information. please contact me: In the subject box, enter "Information".