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Read if you want to have a beautiful hair

Will I be bald?

Doris, 35: Women have a rare hair in my family and as they grow old they lose more and more hair. My grandmother had never dropped her hat, because her hair was all over her head. My mother tied her head with a cloth, even at home. I'm afraid I'm going to do this as well. I'm afraid it's genetics. In the morning, I count my hair on my pillow. After washing hair, I collect the hair and I pull the hair off the hair every night, I put it in front of it and wonder if it is normal for me to have so many hairs.When I'm thinking I'm not going to be together because everybody is watching it how much bald. He does not even see it yet. It is my habit that I look at the head of women and how much they are bald on the street, in the drink or at the restaurant. I think there are more women every year, whose hair is going to fall, will be bald. Is this genetics? Will I be bald?
Answer: It is certain that genetics play a role in balding but are not the only and not the most important factor. By the way, everyone would be totally bald. If people get a little better off, almost every person on earth will find at least one bald or very bald eagle among his ancestors. Most of the people still have hair. The question is just what quality and how long it will have hair.
If you neglect the scalp, you probably lose a lot more hair than you should in less time. It should stop this in time if someone has been tinged or just tired of the hair, it is a very difficult and lengthy process to force the hairs back to hair growth.
Proper condition of the scalp depends on blood supply. This area of ​​our body is stimulated for the worst times for better blood supply. That is why there are more and more bald people. The proper blood supply to the scalp can be achieved by regular scalp massage. Whether we use it for ourselves or with 2-3 times a week for a hairdresser or masseuse with proper expertise, the scalp improves blood supply, gives more blood to hair and grows healthier hair. More carousel teeth will grow hair
Not all of the silent drivers can get back to work again. But some hairbrushs can grow again, but this is a tiring and lengthy task. It is much easier to keep the hair bulbs than to restart their operation. Otherwise, it is recommended that the daily head massage is 1-2 times, but if hair growth is needed to increase hair growth, this is essential, every day is mandatory.
Head Massage is not complex but not simple. With the bad massage we lose too many hairs. During the repression of the reels, the hairs can easily be cut off from the propeller. Instead of protecting our hair, we're getting bald. It would be a pity to risk it. Instead, learn the hair massage and apply it yourself. Ask for free information at In the Subject box, enter "Free information on head massage".