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Safe Internet

What data do we never sell on the Internet?

Internet is a work tool and entertainment option at the same time. In addition, it provides fast and inexpensive communication. This is an unbelievable advantage, but it also means that it was never as easy for data thieves as it is now.
If people talk, communicate, they also reveal a lot of information they are unnoticed. Secrets of Internet secrecy and security have written many times to look out for our data, as some may take advantage of it. They just do not have to write down what data they are not supposed to provide on the Internet. Well, this entry is a little niche and I just want to talk about these data.
Please do not enter any of the following:
- Any data on the state of health of our own and our family members.
- Mobile and fixed telephone numbers. If someone can contact us on the Internet, we do not need either mobile or landline phones. If you ask for any of these numbers, then let us begin to suspect.
- Our home address. This data is only provided if you are waiting for a letter, package, or if you have an older connection.
- Precise data on our workplace. For example, we can say that we work as a bookkeeper, but you no longer need someone who wants to talk to you, or you have a deep understanding of where your office is, which companies you work for, your spouse, your subordinates. And if you are interested in the details of the companies you have posted, openly state that this is a corporate secret. If you are interested, you will be asked to ask more questions about these data, rather you should contact them.
- Your wife or your husband's details, your children, brothers and sisters, your parents data. Such data is only given to old acquaintances by people who are known in real life. Pay particular attention to your question about your children or one of the most vulnerable members of your family. Do not tell your children where they go to school when they go and when they come home when you arrive home, some of your parents live alone, etc.
- Banking data. If you need to get money from someone, you can enter your bank number, though there is a payment method that does not require a bank account. In any case, do not enter your bank card and bank card security codes. This will allow you to make money from your account without using your permission.
- Do not tell me when to go. Data hunters can easily combine these data with when your house will be unattended. Today is fashionable for some people to write on Facebook where they are traveling, where they are, how long they stay, say on holiday ... It is worth a boon for a pleasant vacation. Tell what you saw, where you rested ... But you do better if you make it public after your return.
- Your password on your Internet payment device. Whichever system you use, you need to know that anyone who wants to send money does not need the password. You only need your PayPal address on your Internet payment instrument. The password is only needed if you know and you want to withdraw money from your Internet payment device without your permission.
- Do not give any Internet password to anyone. For anyone who wants to watch your blog, one of your web pages, you do not need any password. Enough if you enter the URL of the web page. If someone asks for a password, think that you might be facing an awkward hacker who is about to break your page to use it for your own benefit and your harm. Therefore, if someone else has opened an e-mail address, created a blog or website when you start using them, your first thing should be to change your password.
It is almost impossible to avoid all online attacks and unfair data collection. But if you follow these principles, you can be much more secure on the Internet. Many people do not know what I said here. Please help your acquaintances and invite your attention to this page and what this post is about.