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Is the stronger or the weaker shampoo better?

Susan, 27: With my girlfriends we argued that in order to protect our hair the stronger or weaker hair shampoo is better. Everyone had their own argument. One of them said he could not and did not want to wash hair every day, so he uses a stronger shampoo, because if he wash his hair, he'll keep it clean. I'm saying the stronger shampoo damages the hair. I'm right?
Answer: Hair shampoo manufacturers made a permanent rotation of the shampoo users. Initially, they produced simple shampoos. Then they launched a stronger shampoo and announced that they had to wash hair less. People started using it and were satisfied with it. But their scalp was not satisfied. The shampoo was too dry for the scalp, so it started to produce more fat. Hair grew greasy faster. At this point, manufacturers started to produce even stronger shampoos ...
It is important to know that the scalp has a normal fat content and thus it greases the hair. It has a normal water content as well. If the shampoo causes the skin to lose the protective layer of fat, it starts to produce more fat. Caution, this does not mean that neglected, greasy hair is healthy.
Likewise, the scalp has a normal water content. If the shampoo dries, the top layer begins to peel. Due to the unfavorable conditions, the hair falls and the bran also appears. At present, it is the case that too strong shampoos cause hair to be treated by balm after washing hair. It is only a matter of time when moisturizing wraps appear to restore the normal water content of the scalp. In some anti-rabbit preparations, there is already a moisturizing ingredient.
It would be important for every person to use only a strong shampoo that matches their hair and circumstances. Do you need to know how much your hair is greasy? Your workplace, life space, how much environment is dusty? How much does your normal scalp have? Does your head get dirty? Has it hydrated enough on the scalp? How many times do you wash your hair every week? ... It would be best to gradually use a weaker shampoo to find the right one for you. I do not advise you to leave balm and hair removal because it helps to have stronger, healthier hairs. But be careful not to use too strong products here.