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Sitting can be done with exercise

It is a very good practice to improve bad posture

Sandra, 17: Hello! I'm the girl who asked for some training advice because of the posture. He advised me to pull myself out, and I was dissatisfied with the advice. Since then I have tried the practice as you said. Very good. On the first day I felt the muscles tired. But they certainly strengthen you. I do not want to do it as you said. For a while, I've been lighter, but I'm getting worse at this stage. Now I'm doing it, pulling it out and trying to get it higher. Meanwhile, I count to ten. Then I relax for the same amount of time. I repeat the exercise 15 times. In the morning after the uprising, after lunch and after bedtime, gymnastics. I plan to increase the count every third day until I reach the age of 20. Today, I'm at 11 now. Will this be good?
Answer: It will be very good. The point is that you have missed and that you do not stop exercising. Anyway, everyone is less likely to do the exercises when they start training. The great advantage of this practice is that you can do it sitting, so it's good practice for people with mobility problems and older people too. I recommend it to the students and to those who are sitting in front of a computer. It is also very good for those who sit in so-called comfortable, large armchairs and thus spoil their posture.
Young people may also be tempted to stand up for exercise and when they pull themselves out of their buttocks and legs. So, you can train more muscle groups at once. And for the nicest bottom, especially girls will be delighted.
By the way, a whole body, but still relatively few practice exercises can be done quickly and easily and can greatly improve your body shape. Meanwhile, your condition will be getting bigger. There is a need for more data on such personalized body shaping exercise. This is always tailor-made and takes into account the individual's abilities. The program is not cheap. It costs $ 50, but note that this is not a general bulk item, but a personalized workout for you. For more information, please contact: In the subject box, enter "Personal Body Shaping Program".