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Social loneliness has already caught you. You just do not know it yet.

Help me, I'm lonely!

Joe, 44: I live alone, but I do not feel lonely. Specifically, I do not always feel lonely. I work in the daytime. We have more than ten in the group. Most of them grow. We talk a lot, we joke at work. After work we often get somewhere for a drink. After one of my speedboats I'll go to dinner and go home. Sometimes I have friends with an evening program, but I usually go home to my home. Many of my colleagues say I have my own apartment. I just sit down in the living room and watch the TV. I often feel so bad I feel so alone that I can not even watch movies. How could they change that?
Answer: Only knowingly. Loneliness can only consciously be fought, but it must be fought. Otherwise depression comes ...
Let's say, create fun habits. Watch quizzes and try to answer the questions before the characters. It does not matter if you do not know the correct answer. The point is, you're trying to be active. There are also programs where you can download the application and you can play it. Of course, you can not win tens of thousands of dollars as a TV studio racer. But that's not the point. The point is that you are active.
If you have the opportunity to play on the computer. But do not look for ordinary computer games where you play alone on the computer, but play games that play against online but live people. There are such games as domino chess, card games, etc. If you are consciously fighting loneliness, try to look for an online game where you can chat with the game alongside the game.
Chatting is also good. Well, it's good if people really give it up. If you figure out a figured figure, it's a lot of shit. Not only do you hide behind a non-existent character, but also put your own character in the background. Do not do this. Never. Of course, I know that you are told that if you chat, be careful what kind of information you give yourself. But believe me, you can talk to someone and tell them that you're not giving up your important data. But then do not ask this questioner.
Write a blog. Just keep a diary. Do not just write down what's happened, but also what you think of what happened. If you do not want your opinion to read, you can also write a secret blog on the Internet. You can even bring classic diary.
Choose a hobby for yourself. Those good hobbies that do not lock between the four walls. Most hobbies are such. Of course, I know that, for example, collecting stamps is a hobby most people do on their own. But if you try to replace with other stamp collectors, sell stamps or buy old queues to talk about series, then this is a community hobby. Such as DIY, shipbuilding, plant cultivation in the garden behind the house. Hobby is the way you do it. Do it for yourself to be good.
Find yourself a club. You can search for a club in real life and on the Internet. Virtual clubs are also real people. You can talk to them ...
A friend has solved his problem by finding some people with whom he regularly discusses what happened. Some of his talkers are thousands of miles away. You can even call a two-hour phone at night. He often calls relatives living in the distance, former classmates. After all, you can chat over the internet for hours, too.
Help your neighbors work in the garden. Most people are back-helping. This is a community action. Help people, give us information, tell us things. Find out what events are in your area and tell others. If you see someone else sleeping, move on. Certainly there will be some who will be grateful if you call their attention to an event. Not to mention that you are doing well. And it will be even better if you go out for one or another event.
There is no healing of loneliness as when people are not only superficially, but in fact talking, talking together, doing something together with others