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The better weight loss program

Is Long or Short Slimming the Right?

Caroline, 37: I'm a bit fatter than I should. I would like to be a bit thinner to have nice clothes on it. What's the best way to lose a few pounds or to sell a kilogram of slow meals?
Answer: Many questions have been raised. If we want to get a starting bus, what's the best way to run a few feet or walk around and watch the way we do not get the bus? If for health reasons we should do 4-5 kilometers a day, what's the better one? Do all of our strength for as long as we drink, and if we've run out of power, dragging ourselves until we get together or set up a proper speed and run the run like our current strength?
There is something similar to dieting. If you want to buy a dress for a few weeks and you will only get into it if you are lighter than 5 kilograms, you will have to lose it fast. You need a strict fast diet. If you want to live healthier and you need to reduce your body weight, you need to gradually drive the kilograms slowly, while thinking about healthy food. People never grew up overnight. Weight gain is a slow process. Therefore, healthy weight loss can not be short.
There are two important groups of fast dieting. The first is based on the reduction of water volume. 70 percent of the healthy human body is water. This amount can be reduced by 3-5 percent if necessary. However, it should be noted that this is not a healthy process and the greater the percentage of the body's water ratio, the worse the body's resistance, the better the conditions for the development of the disease. Likewise, it is important to know that in the minute that you lose your dieting, your body will begin the water-restoration program, which means that you will be able to recuperate in a short time the kilograms of the work that has been done with a sluggish diet program.
The other group of fast dieting programs includes diet programs that reduce the amount of calories in food. These are healthier quick dieting programs. Sugar can be reduced to as little as possible. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates and oils and fats. At the same time, the body seeks to nourish proteins. Two things need to be taken into account: When the body needs rapid energy, say it is a bigger physical or psychological burden, or it has to deal with illness, energy is quickly extracted from sugar, fats and carbohydrates. In this case, of course, he takes from a considerable amount of these substances, which means weight loss, from his own reserve, ie from the fatty tissues of the body. But at the same time, you also need these materials to be found in the food you eat.
Proteins are more difficult to digest. If the proportion of proteins is very high in the food consumed, it tends to thicken the liver, and the body cleanses the kidneys. These organs endure the burden for a while, but they have all the power to do. If we want to preserve our bodies, they will need our old age, and we will try to protect them as much as possible. Protein protein consumption is marked by increased nervousness, abdominal pain, cramped movement and excessive saturation. Neither is a pleasing symptom, so you should pay attention to it.
The best diet for slow diets is when we take into account the needs of the body and we try to adjust the proper metabolism of our body and our favorable testosterone by aligning our new eating habits. Its subsections are:
- At least half of the food consumed is raw food (salads, fruit)
- We do not overdo fruit consumption because it increases sugar intake. In particular, we are watching the sweet fruits.
- We want to make the most of the sugar needed for the organism from the right fruits and to reduce the actual consumption of sugar as little as possible. Let's take an apple a day every day, put a red marigold in our salad, eat a large water-containing fruit (greyhound, peach grepfruit, orange, lemon)). If you can, you can not eat sugary tea, coffee or soft drinks. For juice, the best is freshly twisted juice.
- Avoid creams, greasy dairy products, margarine, mayonnaise, too much oily salad dressings. They all add fat.
- Avoid greasy hogs. Avoid meat products because they usually have more fat than in the horseshoes themselves. Likewise, do not eat poultry's skin during dieting, do not eat any preparations made of minced meat or salami worms.
- Let's just eat some pasta.
And most importantly: Everyone's personal diet program is the best. In doing so, you will take into account your body height, your current body weight, how much you want to lose and how long. They take into account the structure of the skeleton, the way it does, whether it's sporting or not. How much is your body burden? All the data that is important for the long-term adjustment of the correct weight. If you would like to know more about your personal weight loss program, write: In the Subject box, enter "Personal Slimming Program".