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There is a revolution around the world

Will your workplace go off too?

We are in the middle of a revolution of the whole world. The revolution was launched in the 1940s in the USA. The changes came first in the 1970s in larger form. Then, after 1990, the world began to be a leap-like change. Today, so powerful and fast is the social and economic movement that this revolution is unstoppable ...
Yes it is the economic revolution that has emerged from information technology. New industries have evolved. Professions ceased. The typewriter factories that had once brought significant revenue completely disappeared. Sometimes every town had some clock repairers. The refineries have been enhancing valuable cameras, educating professionals and craftsmen in vocational schools that have provided livelihoods to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide ...
Today, distance education is a better, more rational and faster training than ever. And more importantly, as the classical school system saw a new knowledge in education, trained teachers, wrote the textbook, it took 10 to 20 years. Do you know what happened in 10-20 years? Many times the whole profession has come to an end. The world went on.
Recently, two interesting innovations have been introduced. The Tesla driver was one of the drivers. If this spreads, hundreds of thousands of truck drivers are going to be redundant. It is true that the delivery will be much cheaper and more rational. Adding to this is the fact that Russia is working on the development of self-propelled combines, there will be a huge surplus in world agriculture too.
The other new proposal was to stop private cars. Actually what is your car doing today? He works 1-2 hours a day. That's what you use on average. In the rest of the time, he's technically losing his value and you're still spending money. According to the suggestion, there will be no driverless cars that you call where you are, go to where you want and simply let the next passenger call you and use it. This will greatly reduce road loads, less vehicle damage and traffic misfortune. But the air will be even cleaner. And what few people think: To get three times as many people the benefits of the car in the world as it is now, ten times less cars will be needed. How many carmakers do you think will shut your door?
I just wanted to give a brief description of how fast the occupations, people's needs and the development of technology are changing. What do you think your job is in danger? And if he is not in danger when he dies now? What are you going to do then? Which profession do you choose for yourself?
The best are the professions that are related to personal service. For masseurs, personal trainers, program organizers, caretakers, elderly people, it is likely that it will take a long time. It is also certain that as the demand for these professionals increases, their earnings will increase ...
Think about it before you change your profession. If you are locked up for yourself because of your current job, do not do it. Open your eyes, talk to people and think. Your future or the future of your family depends on it. It is not worth lonely, even if it is much easier to escape the problems from the front.