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When I'm dieting, how many times a day I do

Marie, 33: I have a slimming program. But that does not describe what day I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just list what I have to eat and what to avoid. How many times a day? Once? Twice?
Answer: The essence of dieting is to eat food that does not fatten. Fewer in calories than your body needs. Therefore, the body consume the reserves and cuts the fat pillows.
The point is never to be hungry. So, it's better to eat the more you eat each day, but while you're careful not to eat a lot. If you have eaten and eaten three times, you should eat five or six times now, but the amount of food you eat will be less than you have eaten so far. And of course you have little calories.
Good slimming is the so-called mushroom method. It also helped dietitians in cases when other methods no longer yielded results. The essence of this method is to eat a few bites of 5-6 times a day. Bake at least thirty times in your mouth before you swallow it. Between two walls, drink at least three sips of water. There should be at least 2 minutes between two walls. Do not eat more than 15 bunnies in a single meal.
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