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Weight loss

What is the secret of good dieting?

Lisa, 32: I'm fat. I like to eat but I want to lose weight. When I was a student I had a much better shape. I was 10 kilos lighter. I've tried all kinds of slimming, but none has given lasting results. I even bought one book, 101 dieting prescriptions. I've tried almost all of them, but I'm not happy with either of them. Can I lose weight at all? Do you have any secrets to good dieting?
Answer: Everyone can lose weight. The point is to bring the body less kale than the body consumes. So if you want to lose weight or eat less, or less, eat less cabbage, or move more, eat more cabbages. It only requires some attention.
Of course, there are some secrets of good dieting. If you pay attention to the following, you can lose weight without a slimming program:
- Drink 2-3 liters of water per day
- Do not drink coffee or tea
- Eat five times a day, the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are always normal, in the morning and afternoon snacks you can eat up to 10 buns. What you can not eat in so many ordinary bites, leave it there
- In the hall and reception, always leave one third of the food you received on your plate.
- Do not eat sweets
- Do not eat greasy, oily meals
- Do not drink energy drink and artificial drinks, paint or flavor
- For each meal, one half of the food you eat should be cooked
- Half of the food consumed per day should be fresh, vegetable food.
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