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When you give up you're just getting the most out of it

You need to know this

People can be classified into three groups. And almost everyone belongs to one of the three groups:
- He was on a diet
- They're going to lose weight
- He'll dive
Therefore, it is important to know the following: When you give up, you are best to lose weight.
Everyone's organization has an established dietary system based on habits. For most people, this system is stimulating your weight gain. Usually too much unnecessary sugar is consumed (orange juice and soft drinks bought in a shop, tea, coffee, muesli), we eat too much fat (fast ether meals), we consume a lot of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potato, rice, cakes). All these foods are a real energy bomb. If we want to lose weight, we have to think about eating habits. we have to eat less and have to eat more varied. Good dieting programs are the basis for this.
However, the law of inertia applies to the organization. It's hard to get out of the comfort zone and fight against the scum. Doing everything: Unpleasant feelings, abdominal pain, hunger, desire for sweetness ...
If you get rid of it, you win. You've won for your organization. The point is to introduce new, better eating habits. Your organization accepts these habits, it will keep up with it and fight for it as it is for roast eating habits. But you need to know that changing a habit and introducing a new habit is necessary to apply the new system and habit 90 days uninterruptedly.
If you give up, you've lost. You will not only miss an opportunity, but the more you do. Think about it: It fights your body and demands the former, obese fatty foods. You consciously block this claim. When you give up, this dam will cease to exist. The body and roast eating habits are gathered. There is the desire for stronger sweetness and other fattening foods, the hunger feeling and the organization's command to reserve food. The latter means that spare fat pads should be created. In such a case, you can not stop your weight loss. You'll be harder with kilograms.
Never forget: when you give up your weight loss, you're just getting the most out of it.

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