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Women's Issues

How can it be different?

Angela, 27: I've heard that men hold themselves as "big hunts," but in fact women always decide on a relationship. I do not think this is true. Women are educated in every society so that they do not initiate it. I'm fine on average. Based on my academic achievements, she is smart and my company is very fun and entertaining. I once asked a boy if he wanted to do something seriously. That boy was not beautiful. It was so average or weaker, but I liked it. She went and never looked at me again. She said I was a prostitute. So the truth is, boys decide. We girls are just waiting and hoping. And if I'm not so nice at college, I can wait until I get a better guy trying to put me down. The most beautiful girls and 30-40 boy rays run around each day. Could this somehow do it differently?
Answer: You are right, social education in this world is almost every social community. Boys can ask anything from girls, they can do whatever they can. And many girls do not fit. There are many things that many girls do not even want to ask, even though they want to know what the boy thinks or what he wants to do. Women often want to share their opinions, wishes and intentions. But social norms do not allow this.
Well, the Blue Card system was created to solve this problem. The system allows women to ask anything from any man. They do not have to reveal their own person either. Only after they got a good response then they can tell you that they actually asked the question. Of course, in general, a woman can ask men differently. But with Blue Card, it is possible for a woman to ask questions she would not otherwise have ...
The use of the system itself is very simple. But the operation that the user does not see and which he does not have to know is much more complicated. If you are interested in what options Blue Card offers, ask for free information: In the Subject box, enter "Free information about the Blue Card".