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Work at home - 2

Make the product of others unique and get drunk

If you want to sell products from others through the Internet, you can count on more competitors. If others see that you are looking for a product that you sell, sooner or later they will have a similar product or they will be entering the market with the same product. But the biggest competitor will be the manufacturer himself.
If you make these products something unique, you'll be more difficult to compete with them. The manufacturer who sells the product greatly can not even think about it. The small competitors who are following you will have a disadvantage. Against you, you will always have the opportunity to enter the market with a new idea and an improved idea.
How can you make the product of others unique?
One of my acquaintances, or thirty years ago, sold a bulletproof bulletproof bulletproof bulletproof metal bulletproof to the name that the customer requested. Most were the individual buyers who took the pen for you or as a gift. But there was also a bigger company that was pleased with the 20-50 best partner company on New Year's Eve. There was someone who had engraved the name of the director of the partner, but it was necessary to enter the name of the company giving the gift. You can say that it is a handicap and a good drum machine. My acquaintance, whose handicap was, was a well-known painter, initially engraving the feathers with jewelers. Then, for a time when he had a bigger order, he simply rented one of the jewelers with engraving machines. And all he did was to make metal balls after engraving after the balls. And you would continue the sale with engraved metallic cell phone with a small ladies' bag that would engrave the name of the customer in the metal part or in its decorative sleeve ...
You can make your other product unique if you have a suitable sewing machine in your dressing gown. The name "Hualu" came from the pockets and cuffs of Chinese Hualu's insects. And all the buttons of the shirts were imprinted by the name of the company. Sometimes in the Middle Ages it was remarkable that someone was really rich when the textbook handkerchief was embedded in his monogram. If you have the right machine or you can arrange it to make the inscriptions different, you can also sell a scarf, scarves, ties, shirts, blouses that include the name chosen by the customer.
Textile painting is the oldest way to personalize the product of others. T-shirts have been made with decals for decades. Some people only perform well-sounding general inscriptions on the tricot. But there are some who paint a sign of a company or a rendezvous on the jersey. Why do not you try to print a personal name requested by the customer on the fabric? And you can print on a blouse, jacket, bag, tablet, laptop ...
So, make the product of others unique and then you can sell it as your own product at a higher price.
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