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What product should I sell on the Internet?

I have written several times about how to choose a physical product for online sales. Since this is one of the most important issues in these businesses, I would like to summarize what a product that a successful business sells over the Internet is to be. So, an important feature of physical products:
- People feel they need the product
- No product available for sale in the neighborhood
- Do not be cheap, but the buyer feels he's got it at a good price
- Do not be big and heavy, be easy to transport and send
- Observe the health and environmental regulations in the relevant market

Due to this latter condition, the world's most well-known multilevel trading companies do not sell food because they are in many cases perishable. If you do not deal with and do not want to deal with Multi Level Marketing, you may also want to observe the supply of these companies because there is much to learn about. For example, Avon, oriflame, or Amway offer primarily a cosmetic product that does not have a hue, so it suits a lot of customers (deodorants, facial cleansers, body and face creams, shampoos, shower baths, priming creams, skin care creams ...) . The color cosmetics are just a complement to them.
It is also interesting to look at Amway, the world's oldest and largest MLM company. First of all, it offers products that run out of the box and the buyer needs it again. This ensures that you are returning, permanent buyers. These include household cleaners, hygienic agents, detergents.
It is good if you can be the first to be at least in your narrower environment. I would mention a friend of mine. Sometimes the Varazdin Vegeta was the first seasoning. Nowadays, many factories offer dried seasonings of different kinds of seasonings. Their preservative is the salt in them. less salt would be enough, but the factories usually produce a product that contains 40-60 percent of salt, so that housewives can also salt the food with the condiment. In addition, the salt is cheaper than the dried starch. So if the product contains more salt, its predisposition is cheaper. My acquaintance began to produce the first spicy flavor without salt. Of course, all the salts (20%) included this, because it is so necessary for preservation. It was a small idea that grew into a family business. I still have to say that he bought all the raw materials, he just mixed the product.
I recently read in a baking soda bag that this product is especially priced for human consumption because it does not contain aluminum. Well, look at the baking soda bags: Baking soda does not contain any aluminum. Needless to say, the company that sells the aforementioned "aluminum-free baking soda" also buys a lot of sodium bicarbonate and packs the product.
Look around the market and look for a product that you can access. If you would like to know more about a few products directly, please write to my address: