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In developed countries, more and more people are earning money with personal advice. The personal adviser's work is wide-ranging and covers a lot. Clients ask for advice from almost every area of ​​life. For your personal adviser and client, it is important for the client to always reach his personal adviser when he or she needs it.
From this, it is already clear that working on the Internet will not make room for your customers to be able to reach them. Of the personal consultants, only very few people use the Internet. but today, free talk, such as Wiberen or Skypen, with free and fast messaging and messaging options (like Facebook and Messenger), is all for this job. And what's important is that you will be easily available, and you will also be able to have clients from all over the world.
How should a personal consultant be a professional? Actually, nothing. You need to know where and where to get the fastest quality response you can send quickly to your customer. So the most important is the good knowledge of web themes, forums and experts on the Internet. and of course, if there are some acquaintances in real life who are experts in some areas. But it's good if the personal consultant is very experienced on some issues as well. Which specific areas these are, the situation determines the situation.
What do you ask most about your personal consultant? This also depends on the counselor and the clients. Most people ask questions about child rearing and household leadership. But they often ask for slimming recipes, exercise, and body shaping instructions. Women often ask for dress and behavioral advice. There are quite a lot of questions about marriage, relationships and psychology. Men are advised to use a multipurpose tool, more work, or buying a car. But there are those who are looking for vacation planning. To know what your client will be interested in, I do not know. The point is to find the correct and correct answer to your question.
How much can this be earned? Apparently not a lot of work, so you can give it a little bit of money. Can a council say $ 1-2, too? Well, no. Those who are interested in cheap advice will not pay anything for it. Another thing is that the flux also determines the renown. I live in a country where most people are incredibly poor. But basically I do not expect the poor when I'm looking for clients. One for information mother (page 5-10) should also ask for at least 10 USD. A personalized program should not cost less than $ 30. If it can be made for less, then it is a non-personalized custom program, but a mass product that is as good as the general advice appearing in the jewels. For a month the subscription is 50-60 USD. If we take into consideration that the minimum payout here is between $ 250 and $ 300, it looks like a lot. But those who are looking for a personal consultant are looking for around $ 600 a month. Or even their income can be even more. In developed countries 3-4 times more needs to be asked. If an American personal adviser tells me that I'm almost at my disposal for $ 50 a month, I say thank you, I do not ask for your service. If you are $ 200-300 per month, you know something if you pay him so much.
How will you knock? Advertise your job. Write in the forums, write a post. Show yourself. It's free. You do not even need a paid ad. The more you persevere. You have to post 1 to 4 times a day. The first clients appear after 90 to 120 days of intense work. You will need much less post then you can never stop posting. If you do, you've closed your business.
After the first clients are released, it will be more convenient. First, because you will have revenue. on the other hand, because people, if you work well, give the word by mouth. Of course, if you work badly, you will get far too far ...
If you need advice, information, write. I do not have English in my native language, I did not even learn English in school. By working, I study the language, but we certainly understand each other and answer your questions. We will not be competitors because the target audience is big and growing. This work is not undertaken by those who do not want to work, or just like simple, gray everyday work. So we will never be enough. Until then, with collaboration, we can be much more productive than everyone is struggling with lonely wolf for clients and working.
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