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Write a book!

You are lonely? Write the book!

Hana, 32: I work, I'm in my career. People like it. My family worships. I have a lot to do. I run all day. Yet before I fall asleep and think about what I did and what to do next day, I feel very alone ... Is this normal?
Answer: Man is a social being. If you feel alone is not a bumblebee. But more and more common phenomenon. Millions of people feel loneliness without knowing it. A form of loneliness, social loneliness, weighs people with family and friends. Every sign should be happy and yet lonely.
Things that have been invented and developed to bring people closer to building bridges around people around the world play the role of people alienating each other, people being locked up, lonely. Internet, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Facebook ... But are not these things bad? Absolutely! On the contrary, the best things that could happen to mankind. But many people use them incorrectly.
But how lonely you are, it depends primarily on the individual. Many, fearing to hurt them, take advantage of them deliberately, or in the subconscious mind around themselves. No one is allowed close to you. This social solitude gives rise to depression as well as real loneliness. This is not only a psyche but also a physical, actual illness. Break it out of this cage you built yourself, build yourself around. Do it. Become a companion in everything to be a companion in life.
There are a lot of events and things on the Internet that can help a lonely person get involved in a real company. It's something that can help make the real lifeblood lonely. Things where the virtual world does not replace the real world, but on the contrary, it will co-exist with the real world to make people feel better. Live and enjoy life. In a man-worthy way, with creation, design, progress, cheerfulness ...
A person who feels lonely often thinks about mult. He returns the events in his mind. Or maybe it's building new events. Many people think this is a mistake. It is not true. Take advantage of this: Write a book. Break yourself 30-60 minutes every day and write. It does not matter if the story is not the first. When you finish and you look over it, you'll think it will come to an end.
Did you know that November is the month of writing? This month, tens of thousands of people write books. It's okay if they can not finish it in a month. The point is to get started. Then you have to be careful not to stop ...
You are lonely? Write a book. It's okay that it's been a few days since. You can still join and work, you can.
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