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You are in the social solitary net

Many people think that loneliness only emphasizes rich people. Nothing can excite them because they have everything bored. If so, why would everyone want to be rich? If so, why would you want to be rich?
Social solitude can be weighted by anyone in the wealth category. And weight
The only question is that this is a permanent phenomenon, or it only happens from time to time. If you have social privacy at times, there is no problem. The trouble is that if you do not do anything, you'll be getting more and more time and taking more and more time. Then there is discomfort, then depression. Do you need it for this? If it does not, do something against it.
Social solitude is where the signs of loneliness appear in people who should not. Because they have their families, their lives are calm and orderly. Because they have friends. Because they used to party, have fun.
What can you do against social solitude? According to experts, loneliness has many effective therapies. I just do not understand why, for the last two hundred years since mankind has been consciously and professionally trying to overcome loneliness, there are more and more people who have been treated in professional institutions since their situation has become worse.
It's not my job to talk about medicines for insomnia. It's not my job to say do not get the mood-improvers. It is not my job to say, forget about the Round Table discussions and the moderator at the lonely club.
I was in such a conversation once. After two days, I was wondering what it was that would make people feel better the next day. Perhaps only they realize that there are people who have a greater problem than theirs. But then what made the situation better for someone with the biggest problem?
I offer a sure cure for loneliness: Be active. I'm not saying you do not watch movies, do not read books, do not think about things. Do this because that's what every man needs. But be active in a significant part of your time. What do you do? Name some ideas:

Draw it, paint it
Make puzzling games
Write a blog, create a website
Teach - say, online distance education
Tell us your opinion - even comment
MAKE MONEY - you are all rich, you have a small amount of money that always comes up and throws people up.

Check it out on the internet and schedule pages for other people.
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