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You play for your happiness

Play against loneliness

I had a classmate. His parents were already very rich. When he took over the family business, he had some fantastic ideas and he found himself among the very wealthy. They regularly vacationed with his wife and children. Perhaps there was not a famous tourist center in the world where they would not have gone. When he came to the restaurant, he paid a drink for everyone. It was very popular. Just because you were working with a pretty young pretty woman in your company. Then one day we heard that he was depressed. He started taking medicines. She looks worse and worse. He has become more and more ill. He died a couple of years ago ...
It's not a fictitious story. You may also come across social solitude. It is the case where the pernicious symptoms of loneliness occur in people who should not be free: they have their families, their jobs, they are well-earned, have fun, and have a great circle of friends. Do something against it.
Today, online games, tablets, notebooks, and phones all contribute to people becoming alienated. We have undertaken to use these indispensable modern supplies of life for people to build human relationships. But this requires more people to help. Help us to help others. Please read here: