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Your business

How can you earn money by selling someone else's products online?

For people who want to sell a physical product on the internet and thus earn income, it is usually the biggest problem that they do not have their own physical product. In fact, most of them do not even have a fitting facility or production facility. But they usually have no idea what to sell and they do not have money to organize their purchases and sales.
The first thing to choose is the product. Always walk with your eyes open when you are traveling or if you are watching the internet sites. You can see countless products that you can buy and sell after a small batch. Manufacturers always want to buy large batches, take risks, set up stocks ... Do not do it! If you can only do so, just buy the product after ordering from you.
A friend of mine, even at the time when he was homeless and begging for food in the street as a minor when he sold tree beds, the dumpling plantation was dug only in a city square when he was ordered from him. The internet was his assistant, but he knew exactly where, what kind of plantation could be found. It did not become a millionaire, but it helped to get through a difficult time and start your business. He was hardly an adult when he was a rich man and a successful entrepreneur.
Once in a town I often turned around, I saw an ear clip. It was a simple, tiny plastic tweezer, which, if the ear mold was replaced for 1-2 hours a day, reduced hunger and helped to lose weight.
A friend of mine was looking for interesting ballpoint pens during your trip. Then, before the New Year, he walked through the companies and raised them up as a New Year gift. If he had an order, he bought the ball pens from the money he had received, and stamped the company's logo and name in a small print. Later, he was offering the products on the Internet by sending an email to smaller companies in which he was interested in one of their products and offering only his "own" products for sale. The advance was at least the full amount of 50%, but he always requested at least 80% for covering the full cost of buying and printing ballpoint pens.
At one time I went to a foreign city every week. Here, I bought necklaces of onyx, opal and other semi-precious stones. Of course, based on orders already made. Previously I ordered wearing fashion clothing that was not available to us. A suitcase of clothing that had already been paid in advance provided a lot of income for the month, because in expensive fashion items, the 10 to 20 percent, which I gave it more expensive, provided a decent income.
When choosing a product, I always tried to get it easy, but where I was looking for, I was looking for. I've always been looking for something new. It was also important that the product should not be cheap, since the 10-20 percent increase in price has already made me an acceptable income. It was important that the product was easy to transport.
I always wanted to offer free or cheap ad formats to promote products that resulted in results. In today's world, this is easily accessible. But you should pay attention to where you advertise. You should always think that those who are your potential buyers are reading that ad. You can see a man's magazine in several million copies, if you want to sell women's bags, look for ads that get to women.
And in the end a warning: Some manufacturers just allow them to sell their products if they give their consent. I once tried to ask for such consent. It was the stipulations that I should advertise their product with their name. If I had done what they were asking for, my business would have been unprofitable even if I had already offered my expensive product at a triple price. Of course, it was stipulated that in my market they would also appear at their own prices. I did not end up with this job, I was looking for a competing company who did not require me to ask for a written consent for the sale. I was looking for products that are everyday, but sought after, where no license is required. As I have already said, it is important to be small, valuable and sought after. Add ads to your ads (initially at least 3-4 posts per week), create a website, and use forums to comment on your product. It's good to organize your sales through a web-based system that specializes in selling (empower, for example), or you open a webshop on a webshop that allows the registered followers to open their pages. Among these webshops there is also free. Such a solution may be interesting because some of these webshops also inform other vendors about your product. You may also have buyers around them.
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