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Your eyes will be weakened too

Joan, 24: Just recently I started working. My job is to work constantly on computers. Among my colleagues there are quite a lot of young people, but they complain that their vision is dim, and many wear glasses. Will my vision weaken? I've heard that there is a gymnastics that helps preserve vision. What should I do?
Answer: The TV. the use of mobile phones and computers frequently contributed to the weakening of people's vision. So you have a great chance that your vision will weaken. Do not you want to blind? Do you want to keep your eyesight? That's why you need to do something. There is a simple gym exercise, which if you do daily, you provide the prerequisite for proper blood supply to the organs of the head. This is an important step in preserving vision. The exercise sequence is as follows:
- Move your chin on your breast, then brush your head for the first time with five stones and then left to the left. The practice should be repeated five times.
- Turn your head as far as you can to the right. Hold it a bit, then fold it to the left. Terts a short break, then repeat the exercise five times.
- Turn your head to the right as if you want to look at something on the right. Turn your head as far as you can. Keep it a little bit, then turn it to the opposite side. Here also stop a bit and repeat the exercise five times.
When you are sitting, working on a computer or typing machine, you can not repeat the exercises during the day.
I wish you good health.
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