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Your eyesight

Do you want to keep your eyesight?

Laura 25: I noticed my vision was weakening. I do not need glasses or contact lenses yet, but I'm afraid if I do not take care of it, it will also happen. When I asked the eye doctor about the exercise of the eye, she recommended a whole set of exercises. I do not have time, I do not feel like it. Anyway, I forget what to do. Is there any practice I can do when I do every day?
Answer: Yes.
- Keep your hands 30-35 centimeters in front of your face. Stretch a canopy pointing to one of your newcomers. Find a specific point away from you, preferably over 3 meters on the wall. This can be a spot, an angle head, a detail of a frame. Now sharpen your vision to your newcomer. The point is that you are so clearly seen to see the skin of your skin. Then quickly switch to the distance you've chosen in the distance and try to clear it as soon as possible. Then return to your newcomer again. It's good if you do not move your head or your eyes during exercise. Repeat the practice 15-20 times. You should do the exercise 2-3 times a day.
There are plenty of gymnastics related to the 14 eyesight