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If successful dieting would be easy, everybody would have been lost in the world. By contrast, 50-60 percent of people want to lose weight. That's over 3 billion people. According to statisticians, in developed countries, at least 80 percent of people do not feed properly, which is the most common in fattening.
But why is it difficult to lose weight?
People are afraid. They fear what their family members, acquaintances, and colleagues will say when they say they are dieting. And they're even worse about what they're going to say when they stop, or it turns out that dieting is not effective.
The other reason is the lack of motivation. People are hard to get rid of their comfort zone. They used to know when and what they eat. And they love these foods. And dietary supplements have to change their eating habits. Other, new habits must be adopted and incorporated into their lives. Most people can not imagine how strong a motivation is for a person to leave the comfort zone. The desire to be beautiful or the desire to be healthy is not enough. This desire needs to be intensified. It needs to build a motivation that drives it from hour to hour to not give up, to be effective.
The third reason for the check. People with slimming often do not check their results. They only lose weight. Ask a nutritionist how much the chin or waistline is. Or how many pounds and how many pounds have been spent in the last one week. Without verification, there is no result. There is no result in dieting. It's like running runners do not measure runners' time. People would just run. Or just say, there are two teams playing basketball, but nobody would count on the baskets. And once someone tells me that this or that team won. So you will not go without a check.
It's not good if you control yourself. No one else will fall as easily as one himself. "It's not a problem that I did not get a pound this week, and I'll be going next week, but I still keep on eating like I've ever eaten ... Then there will be some miracle and lose weight ..."
No wonder it does. Weight loss is a good discipline, a planned meal and a lifestyle. But if not the slimming, then check out the results?
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