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School of Flirting

Laura, 32: It's so easy for a movie: if a woman likes a man, that man is sure to spice, send flowers to him, invite him to a coffee. It's much more complicated in life. I'm pretty, I have a flat, my car. I wear fairly expensive clothes. I'm busy with nice places: restaurants, cafes, bars. How do I tell a man if I want to talk to her?
Answer: Women are increasingly forgetting the art of flirting. In an attractive woman, she must come out of the soul of flirting.
Smile. Look at you, adjust your hair. If you sit, sit down to point the man to the man who cares. If you stand, stand up. Look for eye contact.
Of course, there are more effective tactics as well: look at what kind of women you turn to, what kind of women they are looking at. Then you try to behave like those women. Wear clothes. Have your clothes.
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