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Free marketing for you

The cheapest advertising, you do not use it

(If you use it, you are among the few exceptions)

Modern marketing tools are indispensable for entrepreneurs. Large companies can afford not to use an opportunity or to misuse a marketing tool. For the little ones, this mistake can lead to the end of the company.
One of Google's great applications is to help these small businesses:
- For those who want to earn a little extra money with their activity in their own free work,
- For those who are starting their business now and they do not have enough money for big advertising campaigns.
Google will display your business on your map to help you market your business. What to do:
1. Secure your dmail email address. If it does not, open one.
2. Enter your account then search for Google Business in the search engine.
3. Enter the details of your business on the map that appears: Activity, name, ...
Then, Google will check your data and publish it on the maps. Anyone looking at Gogle Map at the map near your business location will also see your business and read your activity, address, and other important information you provide.
Use it! Worth it.