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Watch out! You are already attacked by social solitude!

Carolin 37: 20 when I got married. Then I took my father's business. I'm successful. Work at home does not even matter. Still, I feel bad. My husband is busy, my son and daughter have their own programs. And I often stay alone with the internet ...
Peter 29: I have a wide circle of friends. I meet some of them every day. We usually get to a nightclub. We talk a lot, we talk ... Recently, I often realize that while somebody else's talk is happening, they laugh, my thoughts go elsewhere ...
Sandra 31: I'm single, but I'm not lonely. I work as an assistant in a large factory. I'm doing lots of bets and meetings. So life around me rushes. I'm just standing in one place. I suppose I want something else, but I still rarely say it to myself ...
Answer: I summoned the letters of three people whose social loneliness has been rooted in the soul. It would be good to get rid of it as soon as possible. Solitude gives rise to depression ... It would be best to find soul mates. People who do not compete but support each other. Those who do not criticize, do not order, but with whom you can talk things.
A good hobby can help a lot. Or a good club. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to find a club in your town. You can join the lonely people's virtual club. Detailed free information can be found here: Subject: "lonely virtual club"
If you do not need it, you are one of the few happy exceptions. Please, let me know more about this, maybe it may help a friend, family, or friend to do so. Thank you for your help.