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Happy New Year

What kind of pledge people do on December 31?

Most people grab something on December 31. To do something else next year will do better. Whether you're doing something or not going to do something. But since the most vows are made:
- Behavior - There is no one in the world who would not have done something that he later regretted. He did not react, talk, act as he should have done. Things can not usually be done. What has happened has happened. But on December 31, many millions of people agree to behave differently in the future.
- To give more love - most people feel that they have not always shown love in the past. In the future, you want to give more love and show it. They also promise to smile more, they will be more kind to other people.
- More, better to work - people want to be richer, earn more money. That is why they will accept that they will work more in the future.
In addition, many other vows are born. But most of them belong to these three groups.