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How do I get rid of it?

Discussion therapy against problems

Sarah, 32: We could be a happy family. But I do not trust my husband. He travels too much, often busy. And sometimes I do stupid things. Then it is very good, but then I really care about what I did, and for days, I fear for weeks because of my cause. We should live differently, but I can not change that. Fear kills me. I read that the problems should be spoken. Of course, I can not talk to these guys with my partner. In the movies I saw that in such cases people go to a psychologist, lie down on the couch and tell their jokes and their actions. It gives advice and people are already feeling better. In our little town there is no such thing ... What can I do?
Answer: The possibility of solving psychic tensions and problems is always in discussion and discussion. You're not the only one who can not deal with your problems with your partner. In that case, it is good to find a different therapy therapy solution. Talk to a stranger. I'm not thinking about a girlfriend or a friend, because she may, if necessary, deliberately or accidentally dissolve herself. Sometimes they sent mail to many people from remote areas. All correspondence rosters and correspondent partner search services were developed.
In the internet era, many people considered the chat as a simpler, more easily applicable version of the chat. But at chat you do not know who is at the other end of the conversation. You do not even know how much you trust in it. That is why this is not the best solution.
Instead, look for an internet service where you can address these issues by keeping your privacy confidential. True, there are few such services, but there are some in the world. If you are interested in this option, write to In the subject field, enter "conversation therapy".