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How do I give her knowledge?

It must be signaled

Mary, 27: My situation is gloomy. But it's terribly complicated. I'm fine. My husband is right, he is looking very well and traveling a lot. When you are at home, we spend every minute together and are very happy. But I know that when he is on official road, his colleagues, new acquaintances, girls do not dumbfound ... I also love to flirt. And sometimes a little more. I have some good colleagues, and I also wish to make new acquaintances. The problem is how to signal my intact partner that he will recover a bit because a friend of my husband entered the Ether, or on the contrary, I want to be a bit faster. I can not say this to a man with words. I know the Semafor Card signaling system solves this with three cards ...
Answer: The Semafor Card is made up of several cards. That is why, in addition to the "free", "not free" and "careful" situations, a woman can also tell a man with the help of the cards. But its purpose is to solve the communication between man and woman more easily and more easily. Even if they do not see or know the signs outside of them.
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