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I want to know

I want to know what the man thinks

Doris, 45: I'm not young. But now that I live alone, I want to enjoy life a bit. Have fun, relax. The hard and successful work I think is all that goes with me. I have my money, I can do everything. But I do not care about things that are worth the money ... I think it would be much better for women to know what men are thinking about. Especially in the male-female relationship would help a lot.
Answer: Ever since man lives on Earth, men strive to decipher women's thoughts. Women want to know what men are thinking about. Certainly, many misunderstandings could be avoided if they knew each other's thoughts. Many times people tell people what they think. But the signs of the body, body language are not lying.
It is an important message of man's body language if a woman likes them. There are several involuntary signs of this:
- adjusting their ties
- put them in the back of their trousers
- they pull themselves out
- they sit down with their legs
- if they stand, they take up the small stretching position
And watch their feet. If the toes are pointing to you, the mark is for you.
Of course the body is much more talkative. They betray much more and talk about the most important things. If you would like to know more about it, please refer to the "Physical Body of Men - How to Read a Woman in Men's Spaces". More information: This is what every modern woman needs.