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Man and woman

What woman do men like?

Nancy, 27: I finished college and got settled. I live alone. My apartment in the city center is beautiful: I have everything I need. There is a new red car. Comfortable, nice and fast. I have a lot of friends and we have to go somewhere to have fun several times in the week. On weekends we usually go somewhere. The majority of young women in the company live alike. But living on our own does not mean we do not need contact with the men. But do men like such self-confident, self-styled girls who build a career?
Sandra, 21: In recent years, with gender equality, I feel that women's general behavior has changed. They no longer want to get married at all costs. Men only expect to be entertaining, to their liking. But they will not be allowed into their own small world. They keep their daily lives for themselves. I'm so. What are the men doing here?
Nancy, 37: The custom in my family is that my husband cares about money, and I keep my family together. My husband is looking for a lot of money to make us comfortable. And I'll arrange for you to be orderly and clean in the apartment, fine meals on our table. I make sure that boys get to school right in time to get to workouts, music lessons, and dance and behavior lessons. And I make sure I'm pretty and pretty to be attractive and I like my husband. But what women do men like to be attractive?
Answer: The social role of women has been redeemed, and women have also changed. Others have their needs and habits as their mothers. Even housewife-like women behave differently, they think, just as 50 years ago the housewives were thinking.
Today's women are purposeful. They often compete with his colleagues many times. They do not require, but they get the right place, recognition in company, company, male-female relationship.
If a woman sing, it does not mean she does not need a male relationship. Just the nature of the relationship is different. The women of the 1900s were usually portrayed as conscious "husbands". Today's women have already created their own world, and usually they only allow selected, privileged men. Other relationships are usually not about coexistence. It's just a loose relationship.

But with time, parallel to the change of women, men have also changed. What women do they like? The purposeful ones? Supporters? The bloodthirsty? There are not many surveys on this issue. But it would be an indispensable guide for women. Ask "According to men, what makes a woman attractive" a free study, which is exactly what this is about. Write now: