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Weight loss

Is tomato good or not good?

Nancy, 23: Leaches lose weight. I read all the writings about weight loss, calories and the like. I read in one place that who really wants to lose weight does not consume ketchup. So now is tomato good or not good?
Answer: Simply: tomatoes are very good. Red berries usually contain higher amounts of antioxidants. Therefore, their consumption is important from a health point of view. Cleans the body and reduces the chance of cancer.
Now you can ask why they wrote that dieters should not eat ketchup. Not the paradise is the problem but the added value. These substances are often appetizing spices. As a result, you do not need a slimming person. So raw is the tomato, possibly sauce, soup or any other form. Of course you can eat ketchup, but pay attention to how many ketchup foods you eat and there will be no problems.