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Weight loss

If I want to lose weight, can I eat dough?

Donna, 17: I'm a bit fat and just slimming. I really like pzza and other Italian pasta dishes. Can I eat such meals?
Answer: Many people are wrongly advised dieters not to eat pasta. If it were true that the consumption of dough was submerged, the Italians would roll out of fatigue. Do not talk about Hungarians, because homemade bread is the most respected dish and 3-4 days a week do not eat meat. The fact that the Hungarians have been hated since they have been very careful not to eat mushrooms and cut pasta. In the case of the Italians, the situation is that much less fat people compared to the proportion of the population than in the US.
The point is not to eat too much pasta. You do not have to eat whole pizza, whole poppy cake or Serbian burek. Just eat as much as you like, leave the rest quietly on your plate. And you will see, you can lose weight while eating pasta.