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Why are New Year's Vows Not Fulfilled?

Everyone wants to fulfill what he promised on December 31. Yet only 20 out of 100 people can fulfill these vows and only 4 of them will be satisfied with the result. Why?
"In most cases, the trouble is that they accept too big things. They want to move too far. Let's say many people say they will be millionaires in 2018. If they have no starting point, no idea or opportunity, this will not be met. According to an old Chinese proverb, "An elephant can be eaten if we break it into small snacks." So it is reasonable to proceed with small steps. Plan your way from the current state to the intended goal. And you have to go on the road!
- We forgot the vow. This is far more common than we think. Our subconscious know that we can not fulfill the vow and put it in the background. Man's comfort zone is also guilty. Every man had a life of what he wanted. Many are poor, though they say they want to be rich. However, this is often not the case. They only dream of wealth, but they are not so strong for them to do something. It's easier to make a little lazy, aimlessly wander around the city, drink with friends ... Let's be more realistic about the vows. Let's talk about things we can accomplish. Then write it down and read it every day that we have written down so that we do not forget it.
- We did not accept anything that matters to us. I remember a girlfriend who could have been the best student of the isko, but it was just average. Every year he promised to study next year, but he did not. Because being the best, he was not important to him, but to his parents. He wanted to travel. And when we finished high school, he forgot to go to college, college, everything. He traveled to the world to see the places he wanted to watch. And let's take things that matter to us.