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Work at home

Secretary of craftsmen

Edit always invented himself. When he was unemployed, he had the idea that he would never be a factory worker again. He visited some craftsmen with the idea of ​​having a secretary for a certain amount. Initially, only three of them accepted it, but after that, nearly twenty of them had been recommended. That was enough to look more than at his former workplace.
They were looking for craftsmen who work alone, doing field work, but it would be good if their customers had a certain point where they could leave messages and discuss things to do. Bricklayers, plumbing fitters, central heating fitters, electric repairers, cleaners were among the first customers.
He carefully made sure that each partner had a business card and that all of his business cards included his personal information. Otherwise, he made the business cards and gave them to the partners. He organized the commercials, printed small posters on which he offered the services of his partners.
Initially he received calls, sent messages, negotiated the dates of negotiations. Then he has already worked with his partners for a percentage. He then joined an accountant who made the bookkeeping of his partners. He contacted a lawyer who made the contracts for the partners, but he also represented them in legal matters.
As Edit said, if you live in a city where there are 10,000 people, you can start building your own small business. In larger cities, such an enterprise can be viable for every 30,000 people.