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Work at home

What do I do for you?

Sandra 27: I read somewhere that you can work with your 3D printer from home. I bought one. What do I do now?
Answer: I do not think that you have read the counsel between my writings. If you read it, you could have read that the production program was first determined and only the equipment would be purchased.
You did not go wrong, though. The 3D printer is really a machine that can do a lot of work. There are few such machines. Such as sewing machine, embroidery machine, traditional printer, camera ...
Once you've bought the printer, I may be late with the advice, but I'm telling you that if you're taking a 3D printer, it's a good idea to choose a trimmer that can work with fluorescent materials or make metal-like materials. Nowadays, there are even the very inexpensive 3D printers. You do not have to strive for the printer to be very fast or to work with large series. Small or individual products can be sold more cheaply, more favorable production costs - selling prices. You do not have to look for larger, but more expensive printers for larger products. Smaller products are better because they contain less material. Their production is cheaper and faster and cheaper, because the material used for the production of 3D print products exceeds 90 percent.
And then let's see what I would do:
- Costume jewelery made of metallic effect or fluorescent material (the metal effect was always dizzy, the fluorescence was very funny and funny for events, but the children-girls are also very happy)
- Souvenirs
- Small reliefs (logos, monograms) that people can stick to their objects and make them unique: they can be wristwatch, mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, notebooks.
- Logo embroidery to help small businesses customize their souvenirs: self-making, writing sets, notebooks
- Badges for weddings, receptions, celebrations, seminars, conferences
- Inscriptions on doors in the offices of companies
- decorative elements that make people unique to their car, their zipper closure, their clothing, their bags, their shoes ...