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Work at home

I have a sewing machine

Jesica 47: Since I divorced and my husband has moved away, I live harder. I have a sewing machine. Even my mother took it. Even then, I did the sewing course, but I would not venture to work as a self-styled seamstress. Sometimes I'm dressing, dressing, or releasing clothes. I want to switch. I have two reasons: first because I feel more and more lonely. I want to go to people. Second, because I need a little extra income to keep my previous standard of living. What should I do?
Answer: Of all the machines and equipment, the spin machine is one of the best that will allow a small business to start. Universal, easy-to-use, easy-to-use production program: If something is not enough on the market, you can start something new.
If you do not have a sewing machine you can buy it relatively cheaply. 100-150 USD is already a very good sewing machine. Of course there are more expensive models that know more. There are also sewing machines suitable for embroidery. Of course, you need to know that these are not even embroidery machines, they are not suitable for serious embroidery tasks. The real one for a simple embroidery machine starts at about $ 1,000 and can be up to several thousand dollars depending on the performance and potential. But you may not need that.
Everything is fine, something bad. As for the sewing machine you always have to count on the big competition. Not only clothing factories, but also importers of factories in China, India and other low-cost countries are also competing.
That is why it is important to choose which production program you choose. It is good if your product is less dependent on size. Do not think about shirts or blouses. Instead, you have to think about a handkerchief, a tie, a shawl, a scarf. Likewise, it is important that neither industry has a high raw material price in the price of the finished product as in the textile industry. That's why bedding, sheets and cushion coverings are simple, but you can do little work, if you need a lot of materials, so you have a small job. You have to find your gap market elsewhere. What do I want to do?
- Souvenirs: small coasters, cups, tablecloths for spreading
- Baby dolls
- A pair of combs that women can use in hair dyeing
- curtain set (many materials need to be included, but the price of the finished set is relatively high and the cost of selling costs is good)
- Tie
- Textile bags, shopping bags, wooden bags
- Many pocket belts for summer days ...

And I would try to make everything unique: embroidering a name, a monogram, or the name of a city for souvenirs ... I would exclude dresses and sewing people from distant countries from their own market.