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Work at home

Become a dating office

People do not like being alone. They are looking for a partner all their lives.
There are many options available on the Internet. But the Internet is so impersonal.
Start a real dating site. Where you live. You can also pick up the candidates at one of the restaurants. You do not even need an office. Just a little organizational skills and good advertising.
And you have to look for your slot market. You need to know that for half a century, those dating sites are not successful, which was very general for everyone. The successes are for a specific narrower target market. And these people feel this dating for themselves.
Your target market can be:
- the website builders
- entrepreneurial women
- their daddy's babysitting children
- the cat is a woman
- people involved in painting
- the people seeking the extraterrestrials
- and so on...
Find your gap market and cut it in.
If you are interested in the details, write: In the Subject box, enter: chat with a chat room agency.
I can give you advice.