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Lucky crap

Most people are bound by Chinese traditions, but fortune-tellers live in the traditions of almost every nation. There is where it is given as a starting point, as in Hungarian folk tales, where lucky trying gets it. In most cases, however, it will be celebrated on festive occasions, on New Year's Day, birthday, and anniversary celebrations.
There are those who consume and who are looking for their bread.
It happened 40 years ago. One of my strengths went before Christmas to the souvenir shops and raised them to betray their fortune-teller. The little cakes that were looking for the finest cakes in the cakes were hidden. The sliced ​​cakes were beautifully wrapped and given instructions. According to this, the family has to buy as many such cookies as there are members. It's supposed to hang on the Christmas tree. On Christmas Day when the family gets together, everyone takes a bundle of cookies, unpacks and reads what's waiting next year.
In the same way, he went through the catering venues where a New Year's Eve ceremony was organized. He cried to the organizer to give his guests a lucky bundle. There will be 12 cookies. After midnight good-natures, when guests re-enter the tables, the host guides the guests to unpack their bundles and strip the strips of cookies out of the cookies. Everything is a prediction for a month: January, February, March ...
Now you do not have to look for a catering offer. They're looking for you.
If you would like to try something like this, but do not know what texts are used to make Christmas and New Year batches, write it. In reply, I will send the text of the strips free of charge. My address is In the subject field, enter "Fortune-cookie".