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If you want me to love you

How can you be popular?

Everyone desires love for others to accept. Everyone is to acknowledge the community.
It is said that beautiful people are popular. The statistics show however different. Much more beautiful women and men are unpopular among members of the community than the community they love. What is the standard? What do you have to do to accept, love? What should you do to be popular?
It does not matter that you are beautiful, or less beautiful, according to the generally accepted standards. If you follow the rules below, you will soon become popular.It is not easy. Believe that you are not quite popular, you certainly have reasons. The main reason may be that you ignore one or more of these rules. So you have to change it. But you'll find it worth it.
Well, let's see how you have to be popular and love:
- Be confident
- Let your dreams and your goals be
- Be stylish (Mixing styles is NOT style!)
- Do not complain
- Use body language: read the opinions of others and send your own marks
- Be a good teller (Do not repeat a good topic, talk about positive things, do not argue with the opinions and let other people get involved in your story)
- Avoid eye contact when you are in conversation
- Learn to listen to the other
- Be the mirror of the other: follow your moves, but do not overdo it. If someone uses some of our moves, it is a pleasant feeling for everybody. But if he gets overwhelmingly overwhelmed by the motions, or is constantly following us, he is not only ridiculous, but also unpleasant.
There are only nine simple rules. You will not be able to apply them immediately. Quite a lot, if you read it several times a day and when you talk to others with some rule, you try to keep it. You are slowly developing a new, popular behavior. And you will be much more popular.

To find out more about the subject, I can recommend the following two distance learning materials:
- Flirt School - Sometimes the girls learned at a separate school how to attract attention within the framework of the fairness. This is not being taught today. But more and more women would need it.
- Body language of men - Body language is something that comes in. But much can be developed. Without words you can often and more communicate. Body language still tells the truth when someone else's words say something other than what they feel or think. But not only men would need to express their intentions and opinions without words. It is often important for women to be able to read the body language of men.
Both courses can be ordered here: The price is 30 USD. It may seem a lot to you. But you lose much more if you are not familiar with these sciences. Believe it is more important to all people than the Pitagora's theorem, or Newton's theory of mass preservation. Yet your schooling has spent far more on your parents and the state to learn the theories ...
To learn more about the educational programs Before ordering, ask for free on the same document at