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If you want to feel good, tell your girlfriend

The secret of the attractive woman

Julia, 37: I'm fine. I've always been beautiful. I take care of my dress, I regularly go to cosmetics and hairdresser. I run in the morning, I go to a bodybuilding club every 2-3 days ...
My friends say I'm building my career. I have a successful business. Textile garments and accessories are made with women working at home. I sell the products to business chains that are expensive for fashionable clothes at home and abroad. I make some of the decorations and accessories myself. But young fashion designers and even painters are working for me ...
So I'm fine. It's just awfully lonely. I live alone, while around me everywhere beautiful and rich women are surrounded by men's armies, they have huge circle of friends ...
What about me? Am I not attractive?
Answer: The beauty and attraction are two completely different categories. It's also very attractive for a woman who is not at all attractive. And this does not depend on success, career, wealth.
Sometimes women in separate schools have learned how to behave in order to be attractive. Most women do not deal with this today. He just wants his looks to look like a known and successful girl. They try to "hide in their skin". And they wonder why they do not feel good. They should not be beautiful and well cared for but should also be attractive. Of course, they should know what the attractive woman is, according to men, according to men. Find a free study on "What kind of attractive woman do men look like?" He can help. "What kind of attractive woman look like?" can be ordered at: In the Subject box, please enter "What kind of attractive woman do men look like?" free study.