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Women's charm

This is not fair!

Donna, 32: There are only a few men in the company and I work together with a snowman colleague. According to men, I am the most beautiful. Yet they always court to others. Why? This is not fair! What do I do wrong?
Answer: Physical beauty and what men find attractive are not always the same. In fact, most of the time they do not match. Have you considered, for example, that you look at a beautifully beautiful woman in the newspaper and then do a half an hour of something else and then try to recall the beautiful face? It will not work. It's too regular, too beautiful, too impersonal. There is nothing to note about it. But if you see a face with something that catches your attention, you can summon up your memories for days.
But we should talk about behavior, flirting science, and women's appeal. This is a very complex thing. It is important for women to know what men find attractive to a woman. But fewer women know this. Do you know exactly?
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