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Online event

Online event

Sun, May 20, 2018, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM EDT


Rangers at Playa del Fuego are members of the community who volunteer a portion of their time in service of the safety and well-being of the PDF community. As the Black Rock Rangers put it, “Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety (with the expectation that everybody read the back of their ticket, of course!), and navigators of the edge of chaos. Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found engaging with the community, enjoying the art, and always ready to help sort things out.”
Interested? If you’ve volunteered as a Ranger at a previous Regional Event or in Black Rock City, please feel free to jump right in and sign up for a shift or three. The Ranger Lead lead will be in touch with you to discuss your interests and experience. If you’re Ranger curious, or if you’ve rangered at other events but want to make sure that you’re on the same page with your fellow Playa del Fuego Rangers, please join us for this online Ranger Training. 
Rangers Inkwell and Buttercup will be hosting this online Ranger training for Playa del Fuego 2018 from 7pm - 9:30pm EST on Sunday, May 20th. This training will only be held if we have at least 10 people sign up for it, so please make sure your friends and campmates know about this opportunity to get involved. Register today and we'll send you webinar information for the online training. We ask that you plan to be in front of your computer with a webcam.